Jaren Sustar Finance Cowboy
The Gentle Art of Crushing It!July 10, 2023
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Jaren Sustar Finance Cowboy

🤠 Husband, father, friend, ✝️🏡 $5M+ in RE while working a W2 & raising a family🎙️ Host of “The Finance Cowboy Show”

JD Sustar, a 31-year-old from Anderson, S.C., has transformed his financial situation from significant debt to becoming a millionaire. Through his dedication to real estate investment, JD has built a rental portfolio valued at just under $2 million.

While working full-time in medical device sales, JD seized the opportunity to embark on his real estate journey. His portfolio comprises 12 properties, one of which operates as a short-term rental. Some properties are co-owned with a business partner, contributing to his success. Collectively, JD generates over $11,000 in monthly gross rent, with his portion of the portfolio alone valued at approximately $1.7 million.

Through his determination and strategic investments, JD has achieved remarkable financial freedom, proving that with perseverance and an entrepreneurial spirit, substantial wealth can be attained through the real estate market.


00:00 - Intro

02:13 - Jaren’s Background

04:40 - everyreitool.com

05:33 - Why Real Estate

06:50 - Getting Started

08:54 - Other People’s Money and BRRRR Method

11:21 - Mindset and Creative Financing

15:06 - Goals

17:06 - Finding Balance and Investing and Keeping Your W2

19:08 - Favorite Success Story

21:31 - Overcoming Challenges

24:33 - Financial Success For The Next Generation

27:47 - Fast Track Success

29:05 - Key to Success and Belief in Yourself

32:28 - Jaren Recommends

34:17 - Connect with Jaren

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