EP 191: Brian Tibbs and Randy Smith - Building multimillion net worth at $9.20/hour over 16 years
The Gentle Art of Crushing It!April 11, 2024
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EP 191: Brian Tibbs and Randy Smith - Building multimillion net worth at $9.20/hour over 16 years

Brian is on a mission to serve people using his skills and experience in building significant wealth. He’s eager to hear your story and walk with you in your wealth-building journey.As Brian Tibbs emerged into young adulthood, it was clear to himself and everyone around him that he was destined to be a businessman. By age 26, he had already started investing in real estate, was an executive in his dad’s financial services company, and was co-owner of another small online retailer.But Brian felt a calling down a different path. Over the next three years, Brian married Jill Bramhall, resigned from his father’s company, sold his online business and liquidated 60% of his real estate portfolio, and moved, sight unseen, to Guatemala.Over the next 16 years, Brian built a team that recruited and trained 380 leaders to plant 96 churches in 11 countries. They raised over $20,000,000 for the cause and built over 150,000 sq. ft of churches and related facilities.Brian and his family made very little money as missionaries. Dividing their total ministry salary into the total hours both Brian and Jill worked over the 16 years in ministry shows that they made just $9.20 per hour, below the legal minimum wage in most states.Despite their limited income, they have built a multi-million dollar net worth. They no longer need jobs to pay the bills. Instead, they have the luxury to pick and choose their work and do so on their terms.Their modest salary forced them to create a wealth-building philosophy that didn’t require a big paycheck. Living under this financial constraint is how the HACKER Method was discovered and implemented. The HACKER Method enabled the Tibbs’ to create a multimillion dollar net worth by Brian’s 44th birthday.Although Brian has retired from full-time missionary work, his desire to serve others remains a primary focus. He launched The Unexpected Investor with the singular goal of helping other people who also feel financially constrained transform themselves into wealthy, powerful, and generous investors using the HACKER Method.Buy Brian's book here - https://theunexpectedinvestor.com/the-hacker-method/


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