EP 185: Dan Crowther - Flip your way to $400K
The Gentle Art of Crushing It!March 11, 2024
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EP 185: Dan Crowther - Flip your way to $400K

Dan is a real estate investor and house flipper with over 7 years experience in commercial real estate development, and 2+ years of experience as an investor responsible for running a flipping and rental business doing 4-12 deals per year. In addition to his own deals, he has also directly managed over $15,000,000 in commercial real estate development. This year, Dan's company, B&D Home Buyers and DRC Development is on track to complete 16 transactions, while adding to their single family rental portfolio.Dan lives in Buffalo, NY with his wife, 2 daughters, dog Luna, and a son on the way. They enjoy travel, cooking, and spending as much time outdoors as possible!



Doug Clark is a husband of one, father of six, real estate investor, who is passionate about growth and living life to the fullest! His main goal is to create the life of his dreams and live it on his own terms. He intends on helping as many people as possible to realize this worthy goal for themselves as well. Reach out to him anytime to connect for any reason and you never know he may just have the answer you are looking for! His passions range from his family to being a Christian to studying and implementing success principles, technology, skateboarding, music, and martial arts to name just a few.