EP 179: Jordan Berry and how to replace your income with one Laundromat
The Gentle Art of Crushing It!February 14, 2024
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EP 179: Jordan Berry and how to replace your income with one Laundromat

Jordan was a pastor for 15 years and transitioned out of full-time ministry into buying a

laundromat. His experience buying his first laundromat was not a good one. Instead of replacing

his salary, as he expected, his laundromat lost $2,000 dollars per month for well over a year.

Desperate to find help to turn his business around, he frantically searched for someone to guide

him to profitability. He found no rescue. After finally stopping the bleeding, he decided to share

the hard-earned (and expensive) lessons he learned on a blog. And then on a YouTube

channel. And then, on a quest to find out how the best laundromat owners operated their

businesses, he started a podcast interviewing laundromat owners and other industry

professionals. These platforms turned into Laundromat Resource, an education and community

platform for laundromat owners and future laundromat owners to learn, share best practices, and connect with one another.

Website: https://www.laundromatresource.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxGmNVLP98d4asLwr3jDfhg
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laundromatresource/
Pro Community: https://pro.laundromatresource.com/

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