EP 178: Randy Smith and Pasha Esfandiary - 6-8% Year 1 COC in Mobile Home Investing
The Gentle Art of Crushing It!February 08, 2024
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EP 178: Randy Smith and Pasha Esfandiary - 6-8% Year 1 COC in Mobile Home Investing

EP 178: Randy Smith and Pasha Esfandiary - 6-8% Year 1 COC in Mobile Home Investing

Starting his career in real estate in 2011, flipping homes found at auctions, Pasha has since been involved in over $250 million in transactions across multiple asset types. These include residential homes, boutique motels, the purchasing and management of large multifamily properties, and working with housing programs in vulnerable communities.

In early 2021, Pasha founded Evoke Capital with the primary objective of helping others achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. His lifelong philosophy is what drives Evoke Capital to excellence – People First. Treating each investment as his own and each tenant as family, Pasha has developed Evoke Capital within 24 months to include a portfolio of over 1450 units.

Throughout Pasha’s successful professional ventures, the unfolding of his dream focuses on his value of sustainable community development. This goal in building low-income housing is to provide much more than a roof overhead. The future includes an NGO where all the Evoke properties provide nurturing and interconnected community for his residents. The plans are for valuable educational resources within finance, nutrition, and emotional intelligence. Pasha is committed to building an environment that empowers and encourages its residents to grow, achieve and thrive. 

With over ten years of experience and a commitment to growth, it is no question that Pasha and Evoke Capital are just at the beginning of their real estate journey


00:00 - Intro

01:41 - Background

04:36 - Poker

08:48 - Vegas Market and Flipping

12:10 - Mobile Home Parks

16:15 - Cashflow

19:29 - Lenders

20:24 - Deal Structure

24:40 - Market Trends

30:00 - Passive Investments

31:34 - Evoke Capital

32:50 - Due Diligence

36:00 - Final Thoughts




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