EP 158: Brian Luebben - Founder Of The Action Academy Shares Success Secrets
The Gentle Art of Crushing It!December 18, 2023
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EP 158: Brian Luebben - Founder Of The Action Academy Shares Success Secrets

Brian Luebben is an Entrepreneur, Podcaster, and Real Estate Investor out of Atlanta, GA. While in college he built his first company (GreekBeats DJ/Entertainment). Shortly after graduating – he made it to the top of a Fortune 500 Company in their Sales Organization, only to realize quickly that living the “corporate america life” for the next 40 years was simply no longer an option.

He now runs a successful podcast “The Action Academy” where he talks to seven, eight, and nine figure entrepreneurs on how to earn freedom in life and business. Through his podcast, cash-flowing real estate, and his Media Company (Sexton Media) he now has generated enough revenue via remote income sources to earn him Financial Freedom to do what he wants, when he wants, with who he wants.

This lead to him leaving his corporate job in March 2022, hopping on a one way flight, and traveling the world for 6 months straight.

His new mission is to help 1,000,000 other people do the same through The Action Academy.

‍A message from Brian:

My mission is to help people become wealthy without sacrificing everything to do it. You don’t need to sacrifice friendships, family, health, and freedom to hit a number – it can all be baked into the journey. I talk to 8 and 9 figure entrepreneurs daily that help us avoid the mistakes they made on their wealth-building journeys.

‍The goal is not to “retire and lay on a beach”. We are all builders, do-ers, creators. The goal is to achieve enough “passive income” sources to focus on “passionate income” sources. To do and to build what fires you up in the mornings and creates lasting impact. I am doing/building this now as I travel the world with my loved one.

‍I now want to share everything I’ve learned so that you can have the same freedom! Every bit of info, tips, mindsets, and tricks I learn from my mentors and business will flow through me into you. Please utilize the resources on this site and through the show to earn your freedom. Thank you.


00:00 - Intro

01:12 - Brian’s Background

03:58 - The Action Academy

09:26 - Overcoming Challenges

12:40 - How To Fast Track Success

14:18 - Mindset and Proximity

18:16 - Providing Value

22:01 - Action Academy Ad

22:29 - Brian’s Book

28:27 - Connect With Brian







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