EP 201: Short Term Rental Investment Offering from Impact Equity and Techvestor
The Gentle Art of Crushing It!June 06, 2024
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EP 201: Short Term Rental Investment Offering from Impact Equity and Techvestor


00:00 - Intro

05:12 - Why is investing with Randy in short term rentals so compelling? 

07:32 - Historical performance of Techvestor’s Short Term Rental portfolio

10:36 - Why Short Term Rentals?

16:37 - About Impact Equity founder Randy Smith

18:40 - About Techvestor

21:15 - Techvestor’s software

27:04 - Examples of Techvestor’s Short Term Rentals

27:43 - What type of approximate returns could investors experience with Techvestor?

32:35 - Benefits of investing with Impact equity instead of directly with Techvestor

35:12 - Investment summary

41:06 - Tax Benefits

42:07 - How this investment is hedged to protect your capital

45:37 - Why invest now?

48:10 - How to get started

49:00 - What to expect after investing

Invest in the emerging asset class of Short-Term Rentals without the headaches of being a landlord, a designer, a property manager, and the 1000s of other things that come with running a successful STR. We'll do all the work.

Investment Details:

$25,000 minimum investment

8-9%+ average annual cash flows

Diversified across 100+ properties in 10+ STR friendly markets

Projected to more than double your investment in 4-6 years

8% preferred return with 85/15 waterfall above the preferred return

Available to accredited investors only

April 15th next investment capital deadline

See all of the details in the Deal Room or soft commit here: https://impactequity.investnext.com/portal/offerings/3289/


Cofounder & CEO Techvestor

Sief leads the company’s talent, financial and portfolio

management infrastructure. Sief has helped hundreds diversify

into real estate after spending nearly 5 years at Facebook. He’s

syndicated acquisitions totaling more than $100M while designing

& developing more than 70+ properties. Sief is also a current

Forbes Business and Young Entrepreneur Council Member where

he shares his thoughts on finance, real estate and more.


Connect with our host, Randy Smith, for more educational content or to discuss investment opportunities in the real estate syndication space at www.impactequity.net, https://www.linkedin.com/in/randallsmith or on Instagram at @randysmithinvestor


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