EP 141 : David Pere - From Military To Millionaire
The Gentle Art of Crushing It!November 08, 2023
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EP 141 : David Pere - From Military To Millionaire

David Pere joined the Marine Corps in August 2008. Since that time, he has lived in or traveled to many unique places worldwide, including a combat tour in Afghanistan.

David got started in real estate investing in 2015. He house-hacked a duplex with the FHA loan and lived in it for a little while until receiving orders to Hawaii. While stationed in Hawaii, David bought a 10-unit apartment in Missouri and has had continued success with real estate investing. With over 100 rental units in his personal portfolio, David has achieved complete financial freedom!

Through these experiences, From Military to Millionaire was born, which is now the largest military real estate investing community in the world, where we help service members and veterans build wealth through real estate investing, entrepreneurship, and personal finance.

David is also the author of The No B.S. Guide to Military Life: How to Build Wealth, Get Promoted, and Achieve Greatness


00:00 - Intro

01:05 - David’s Background

03:13 - Success

05:50 - Most Valuable Lesson

10:50 - Overcoming Challenges

17:32 - Fast Track Success

20:55 - Scarcity vs Abundance

24:15 - Key To Success

29:18 - Book Recommendations

31:09 - Connect With David

32:34 - Impact Equity LLC


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Doug is a husband of one, father of six, real estate investor, who is passionate about growth and living life to the fullest! His main goal is to create the life of his dreams and live it on his own terms. He intends on helping as many people as possible to realize this worthy goal for themselves as well. Reach out to him anytime to connect for any reason and you never know he may just have the answer you are looking for! His passions range from his family to being a Christian to studying and implementing success principles, technology, skateboarding, music, and martial arts to name just a few.